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List Of Up-To-Date Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Technology

Among the major types of essays, the one that most students enjoy writing on are the compare and contrast essays. What helps students relate so well to this type of paper is the fact that it is easily associated with everyday activities. Whether at home, school, or work place, there are always opportunities to make comparisons between two or more items before you choose which one to use. Assuming you want to buy a new smart phone, you would sure analyze the differences and similarities between two or more brands of phones. This is where choosing interesting comparison essay topics on technology comes in.

There is no denying the fact that we live in the digital era and there is hardly any chores that do not have one or more gadgets help in doing it, whether it is at home, school, or even office. In order to write your compare and contrast paper on various technologies, it is important that you come up with interesting essay topics that would not be boring to read. This is where you need all the help you can get because you are yet to come up with topic ideas. Listed below are some technology related ideas that would make great comparison academic papers. They are as follows:

  • Comparison of the old analog television and the present high definition flat screen digital television.
  • Comparison of the old and conventional film cameras versus the digital cameras.
  • Comparison of remote controlled air conditioning units versus the manually operated ones.
  • Comparison of the old telephones versus the versatility of cellular and touch screen phones.
  • Comparison of joystick-based games versus handheld ones.
  • Comparing the conventional spin washing machines versus the digital one-touch modern washing machines.
  • Comparing the speed and versatility of email to the traditional mail postal services.
  • Comparison of computerized book-keeping methods versus the old and traditional method of manual book-keeping.
  • Comparison of laptop computers versus the manual typewriters.
  • Comparing the versatility of iris scan doors versus card swipes.
  • Comparison of the versatility of the USB storage versus the use of folders and cabinets.
  • The versatility of video calls versus long distance travels to see loved ones.

These and many more essay topics would surely be good to base any of your fit for your compare and contrast paper on technology. Go ahead and choose a topic and start your research. Don’t forget to revise, proofread and make necessary corrections.

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