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Interesting Guidelines for Finding Art Essay Topics

Art essay topics can vary through many different periods and types:

  • You can write about archaic history in terms of art
  • You can talk about modern art and where it originated from
  • You can choose another piece of artwork not discussed and explain its significance

There are multiple topics you can choose from. It’s totally up to you on what you want to write about. However, there are many who tend to be overwhelmed by the freedom of choice. When given a choice, you should actually abuse it when it comes to choosing an essay topic. This article explains how you can choose an essay topic and be confident about it.

  • When you are looking to write about art, you need to look for common ground. If you are interested in history, you can take a period in time and talk about the art in that period. Whatever your interests, you need to find a way to link those interests to art. Once you’ve done that, begin to brainstorm on what suitable essay questions can be written that refer to both topics.

  • You’ve probably got tons of ideas floating around the brainstorm. Kick out those that won’t make good reading and others that are either too general and can’t be specified, or have too little that you can actually talk about. You don’t want to end up with too many things in your brainstorm. Take it down to a maximum of 3 choices.

  • After you’ve done your brainstorm and narrowed it down, you need to explore out in the world. Ask your friends, parents and teachers even what they think of. Of course they won’t have the same interests as you because you’re a different person, but they can be of help when thinking of what your readers would want to see from your essay. Take their advice, listen to what they have to say before making your final choice. Don’t go back to the ones you crossed out, just take them the list of three that you shortlisted.

It is not a big task to pick out essay topics in general. All you have to do is make sure you have the right combination and you are set to get started. Once you have opinions from others, you can make your final decision and get right down to working on your essay.

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