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How To Make A Perfect Essay: Writing And Editing Tips To Use

If you are struggling to write the perfect essay, you should abide by these writing and editing tips:


When you are writing your essay you should give yourself enough time to conduct proper research.

When writing your essay, do not stop. Some students find that as they are writing the perfect argument, the word or idea they need just doesn’t come to mind. You don’t have to stop the presses just because you cannot remember the word you need. Instead, just leave a big blank note there in a bright color or a brightly colored line, and move on. You can then keep writing, letting the rest of your thoughts come out, and return to the blank spot later when the word or phrase comes to you.


When it comes to editing, not many students give themselves enough time. Your brain needs a break when you finish writing. You should complete your draft and then step away from your paper entirely for at least twenty four hours. After that, you can return to the paper with a fresh perspective.

Once you have edited your work, it is important to turn to another set of eyes. This can be a friend, a family member, or a professional editor. Someone who has not spent the last few weeks with the topic will be able to give you a new perspective and perhaps point out areas where they don’t understand or need more background information.

When you are finished writing the paper, check that your format is correct. Formatting errors can cost you quite severely in terms of your grade. If you are writing a paper in APA, check for the following and make sure that your citations abide by all of the APA rules and regulations for in-text and reference page citations:

On the cover page, you put “RUNNING HEAD” followed by your title in the upper left hand side, with your title, your name, your university, and the date centered in the middle of the page. You place the abstract on a separate page, and then put the title centered at the top of the third page, with the introduction directly beneath. As with MLA, your text should all be size 12 font, with one inch margins around the perimeter, double spaced, and often in Times New Roman or Arial typeface.

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