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Don't Look For Easy Argumentative Essay Topics If You Want A Good Paper 

Argumentative essays are commonly assigned in high school and university because they are a great way for instructors to ensure that students are learning the material thoroughly, and because they’re also an excellent way to promote good critical thinking skills. To write a great argumentative paper, students need to choose a great topic—topic is of the utmost importance when writing this type of essay. However, students often make the mistake of choosing a topic that’s too simple for this type of essay.

One reason students do this is because they want to make sure that they’ll be able to write a good argument for the essay. However, if they choose a topic that is too simple or an argument that is not complex enough, they’ll have defeated the purpose of the essay. Instructors aren’t looking for an argument that they can’t debate, which is what they often receive from students who choose topics that aren’t complicated enough for this type of assignment. A truly impressive argumentative essay is one that makes a difficult to accept argument into a plausible one. Therefore, students should choose a more challenging topic, if they want to get the best possible score. Here are some tips for choosing an appropriately challenging topic for one’s argumentative essay:

  1. Choose a hotly debated topic.
  2. The easiest way to be sure that your topic is complex enough is to choose one that’s very debatable. However, students should be a bit cautious with some hotly debated topics; if they are in the realms of religion, politics, or morals, they might have a difficult time finding reputable, solid sources for their argument. Keep in mind that you want your sources to be supported by solid evidence—if there’s no real evidence, your argument won’t hold any weight.

  3. Choose an unusual opinion about a common topic.
  4. If there are no hotly debated topic ideas that interest the student, they can take another route—choosing a common topic, but an uncommon position on it. By choosing a less than conventional position, and presenting a well-crafted argument, they’ll impress the instructor with their ability to research, think critically, and present their arguments well.

  5. Do preliminary research.
  6. Before investing too much time in a topic, do some preliminary research. Skim through reputable sources on the theme, to make sure there’s enough information to support your argument. If so, proceed with your paper.

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