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Brainstorming government essay topics – use only your own ideas

You're in a class and the assignment is to cover some aspect or topic about the U.S. government. But you can't think of anything interesting to write about the U.S. Government and you immediately have such thoughts "Why were you assigned this in the first place?"

An essay on government is one of the most well-known topics in many schools and colleges. These types of essays make students examine the U.S. Government's foundations and framework, and help foster an awareness of the departments, employees, and policies. An essay on government can help students interact with and study how laws are created, enforced, and interpreted by the legislative, executive and judicial branches. Government essays show to teachers that you know the basics and fundamental rules of how to live as a citizen in the United States. Many countries also share similar values, laws and functions with the United States, so what you learn about that country can sometimes apply to other places as well.

So What can you write about to make your essay work? Enclosed are some tips and topics you can use to help you make a good essay work.

  • American Government Essay Topics
  • American government essay topics are specific about certain things. Simply saying “the Constitution is important” won't work as a topic; you have to say why and how it's important in the United States to be a framework of the laws and rules that all citizens follow. Specific topics about the Constitution’s impact on people's lives include a study on civil rights, particularly for African-American people, women in general, and the gay and lesbian community. Other topics that matter in everyday life include essays about crime and punishment, environmental law, how Congress passes and creates a budget for its programs on a yearly basis, how Congress votes on and passes bills, and the role of lobbyists that influence the laws Congress makes.

  • Writing The Essay
  • Once you decide on an particular essay topic, your essay needs to demonstrate that you understand the topic and how the government works in it, affecting an average citizen though that topic in everyday life. Arguments and opinions about negative aspects of U.S. Government is welcome, but you have to carefully research your arguments and ensure that you use polite language and a balanced viewpoint in your essay; otherwise it will come off to some of your readers as simple anti-American propaganda. Your essay has a duty to ensure and create discussion of both positive and negative aspects of the government. Even if your topic seems to do nothing but anger your readers and make them complain, if you conduct fully verifiable research and try your best to be even-handed, you'll have nothing to be ashamed off and can stand behind your essay as honest writing.

  • Sources To Research On
  • Your local library will often carry a surprising amount of government papers, journals and transcripts of official meetings, from low-level civil departments all the way to a session of the U.S. Congress. Topics can also be found by visiting the online website of the Library of Congress.

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