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Composing A High-Quality Literary Essay On The Crucible

The renowned playwright from America, Arthur Miller is the one credited for coming up with the play The Crucible in the year 1953. It is of the fiction drama genre based on the Salem witch trials that happened in the 17th century in the provincial area of Massachusetts.

The play has been divided into four acts. To be able to write an essay of superior quality on this play, one has to delve into the very innards of these four acts. And therefore, intensive reading is advised for going forward with such a piece.

Now the play is inspired by some real happenings in human history. It is essential to know the inspiration behind the work in order to fully absorb the essence of this literary marvel.

History says that in the September of 1692, a 19 people were hanged till dead on Gallows hill (a place near Salem). Men and women were both a part of this group of 19 people. Also, a man named Giles Corey was killed by stoning as a result of the fact that he refused to be sent to a trial on charges of witchcraft. Many more were being accused of practising witchcraft and a lot of them were sent to jail.

Following are some of the quick essential points one needs to remember while working on an essay on The Crucible:

  • The deteriorating health of the daughter (Betty Parris) of the minister of Salem (Reverend Samuel Parris) sparked off the witchcraft trials.
  • The slave of the Parris’, Tituba (who was from Barbados) was the first one to be suspected and accused of practising witchcraft.
  • A reputable woman of the society named Rebecca Nurse was also accused and hanged.
  • The execution of the previous minister of this town, George Burroughs, was the most controversial killing of these witchcraft trials.
  • The Chief Justice overseeing these trials was William Stoughton. He was an ardent witch hunter.
  • This period of time was marked with panic and hysteria of witch hunting that had engulfed the whole town of Salem.
  • With the passage of time, this atmosphere of panic gradually died away.
  • The literate people tried to persuade others from abstaining from such superstitions.
  • Apologies were made by the city officials for giving an ear to such superstitions and unscientific beliefs rather than taking proper steps to address the issue.
  • Reverend Parris acknowledged that he had made faulty judgements but he also made an attempt to transfer the responsibility of such misdeeds to others.
  • The Governor of Massachusetts, Sir William Phips tried to transfer the culpability to William Stoughton. But that didn’t stop Stoughton from becoming the successor to Phips as the new governor.

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