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How To Choose Great Topics For Pro/Con Essays

When choosing a topic for a pro or con essay, you need to make sure that you are choosing an issue that is controversial. A controversial issue is one that has almost the same amount of people for the issue as it does against the issue. These topics are things that are stuck in that grey area and are not necessarily right or wrong. They usually deal with moral issues and topics that individuals will never agree on the right answer.

It is the most interesting when writing pro or con essay to find a topic that is the most controversial. The most controversial topics are the ones that have the same or similar amount of people for the issue as they do against it. That means that the population is completely split in half between believers and non believers. Let’s look at some great controversial issues that you can use to write your essay.

  1. Euthanasia - this refers to a doctor assisted suicide. This controversial issue has been fought over because some individuals believe that a person should not have to suffer if they are diagnosed with a deadly disease that they won’t be able to recover from. Since suicide itself is illegal, it is easy to believe why euthanasia would be illegal too. When we have a sick pet that is suffering, we put them out of their misery so they don’t have to live like that. Can’t we show the same sympathy for our loved ones.

  2. Legalization of Marijuana - a huge controversial issue today involves the legalization of marijuana. The main reason this is a controversial issue is because a lot of people believe that it is not as harmful or deadly as legalized drugs like alcohol. Others believe that since not much is known about the effects, it is hard to legalize it because you need to still have a way to regulate it.

  3. Abortion - this issue is one that has been fought about for centuries. Does a mother have the right to take the life of an unborn child? When is a fetus considered a human? When does the fetus get the same rights as any other human.

  4. Animal testing - testing vaccines on animals is a way to ensure that these vaccines will cure diseases that can then prevent the death of humans. But is it moral to infect these animals with deadly diseases and let them die off until a cure is found.

No matter which of these topics or the many more to choose from, a pro/con essay is an interesting one because it allows you to explore one side of a heated argument and then defend their position.

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