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The Main Elements Of A Short Persuasive Essay About Bullying

Bullying is a very controversial topic, especially with the Internet making cyber-bullying a reality for so many kids and young adults. While the topic of a persuasive essay about bullying may be easy to come up with, some students may struggle when it is time to organize their paper. This process can be made easier by knowing the components of a short five-paragraph persuasive essay.

  • Introducing the Topic/Thesis
  • In the first paragraph of your essay, you will introduce the topic of bullying. You can do this by sharing an experience, stating a statistic, or giving your opinion. You will also add your thesis in this first paragraph, usually as the last sentence. In the last sentence, you will state what you are trying to persuade the reader of and how you intend to do it.

  • Stating the Facts
  • A good first body paragraph is one that states the facts. Provide all of the statistics and other facts that relate to your thesis. You should be objective as you present this information. This paragraph is designated specifically for stating facts and not for sharing your opinion. After you have written this paragraph, consider having a family member or friend read it over to be sure that you provided information without being opinionated.

  • Offering Evidence for Your Argument
  • In the second paragraph of the body, you will offer evidence that supports your opinion. This should include factual information, statistics, and conclusions that you have drawn from analyzing the situation. Take your reader to the place where you were as you did the analysis, to try and get them to understand your viewpoint.

  • Disproving/Mentioning Your Opponent’s Argument
  • Persuasive essays also address the opposing side’s opinion. You can either state this and leave it at that, or provide facts (not opinions) that disprove your opponent’s argument. Do this in a respectful way, without slamming your opponent’s opinion. If you are too over-bearing, you may lose some credibility in your reader’s eyes.

  • Conclusion
  • The final paragraph of your essay is left for writing a conclusion. In this paragraph, you should begin by re-stating your thesis. Then, review some of the things that the reader has learned. This does not have to be too specific, but it should provide a nice overview of what your opinion is and why it is correct. Finally, give your paper a sense of closure, so that the reader feels comfortable that the paper has ended.

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