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Free Tutorial On Composing A College APA Format Essay

One of the most common formatting styles is the APA format. If you have been asked to write your paper in the APA format, you will want to make sure that you follow the formatting guidelines to ensure that you are doing it correctly, so that you don’t lose any unnecessary points. Here is a free tutorial that can help you compose your college essays.

Line Spacing

Double spacing is required for this formatting. The title page, body, and references should all be in double spaced text. If you are using a block quote from a resource, you will be required to use single spaced text for the direct quote in block form.


A readable font should be used that makes a difference between plain text and italicized text easy to distinguish. Arial or Times New Roman are suggested. You will also want to use a 12 point font. This will make it easy for the paper to be read.


There is a specific way that the content should be cited and referenced in a particular way. You will need to make sure that you handle each resource correctly. Since there are so many resources, you should refer to the APA guide or utilized the many citing resources available to you. For example, most word processing programs include a citing tool that will format your information for a few different formats. You should utilize these to make sure that you do it correctly.

Paper Layout

You will need to have one inch margins on all side of your paper. The title page will have the content in the middle of the page and there will need to be a header. The title page stands by itself and so does the reference page. The body of your paper should start on a separate page from the title page and the reference page should be on a new page from the body. The header should have the title of the paper on the left hand side and the page number to the right. The first page will have “running head” before the title of the paper which should be no more than 50 characters long.

Formatting papers correctly is important. You don’t want to lose points and you also want to be sure that you are putting all of your focus on presenting a well written and aesthetically appealing piece.

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