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10 Original Ideas on How to Write a Perfect Academic Essay

The perfect academic essay is within your grasp. With some general knowledge of essay writing and a bit of practice, you will be able to write an essay that you are proud to submit. Here are a few tips to help you craft a perfect essay:

  1. Choose a topic that you enjoy. Too many students resort to topics that their instructors assign, even if they are given the opportunity to pick their own. Pick something you love and you will be able to write about with ease.
  2. Craft an amazing introduction. There are so many unique ways to begin essays that you should never run out of ideas. You can start with a quote, a series of questions, an anecdote, and startling statement, and so many other ideas. Pick one that works with your topic.
  3. Create an indisputable thesis. Your thesis should be powerful and not wishy-washy. Make sure there are not any holes in your argument, because those will show and your academic essay will be weak.
  4. Write topic sentences that match the thesis. Every paragraph needs a topic sentence and that sentence needs to connect to the thesis. Include keywords from your thesis or close synonyms for those keywords so your readers can easily tell that you are referring back to the thesis.
  5. Support your topics sentences. Each paragraph is almost like its own mini essay. So all of the information in the paragraph should support only that paragraph.
  6. Use solid facts. When you support your topic sentences and thesis statement, you will have more success if you have real facts that can be documented. When you write an objective essays, your instructor will be more likely to give you a good grade.
  7. Explain the facts. It is important to not only give facts, but to explain how those facts support the topic sentence. Essays often fail because facts are given, but they are not explained.
  8. Tie up each paragraph. Try not to leave your paragraphs hanging. It is helpful to summarize them or reconnect to the topic sentence at the end of each paragraph.
  9. Write a inspirational conclusion. Your conclusion is the last place you can support your thesis and many students will provide opportunities for the reader to take action.
  10. Include your personality. Even though you are writing an objective academic essay, you can still include your personality in the words you choose and the sentence structure that you create.

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