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Conflict Resolution In The Workplace

Conflict is an interactive, but opposing behavior between persons, groups or organizations with goals that are not compatible. Conflicts are common in workplaces. Research studies have indicated that conflict is a doubled edged sword, since it has several benefits, yet has the potential to cause severe problems in an organization. Therefore, organizations must find a way of solving disputes. This essay will discuss some of the methods that one can use to resolve conflicts in the workplaces.

There are two broad types of conflicts in the workplaces. They include functional and dysfunctional conflicts. Functional conflicts are the confrontations between people, departments, or ideas in a manner that enhances the performance of employees. On the other hand, any conflict that hinders the attainment of organizational goals from is dysfunctional. There are three major methods of handling conflict before it becomes dysfunctional.

First and foremost, conflict can be resolved through negotiation. Negotiation is a process in which, the conflicting parties come up with suggestions, with the aim of finding a solution that is favorable to both. The parties collaborate in achieving their diverse goals. It is most effective in early stages of conflicts.

Additionally, managers and business leaders may use mediation. Mediation process involves a third party, who should be impartial; listening to conflict can be solved through mediation. It involves a third party, who should be impartial, helping both parties have open communication and come up with a solution. The mediator cannot impose their judgment on the conflicting individuals. However, no parties are bound by the solution arrived at, since mediation is a voluntary and informal technique.

Besides, if the above methods fail, arbitration may be used. This technique is used to resolve conflicts that are almost dysfunctional. Arbitration is similar to mediation, in that it involves a third party known as an arbitrator. However, the third party involved is tasked with the duty of listening to the ideas and arguments of both parties before finally providing their judgment as the solution to the conflict.

The success of resolving a conflict is dependent on the choice of the method used. There are some factors that one should consider when making this choice. Some of them include the issue or cause of conflict, the relationship between the parties, the stage of the conflict, and the cost involved.

The essay has discussed some of the methods that can be used to resolve conflicts in the workplace. All organizations encounter conflicts from time to time. Conflicts are important since they may lead to better ideas and improved employee performance. Nevertheless, they may hinder attainment of organizational goals if not resolved. The three techniques which are used to resolve conflict: negotiation, mediation, and negotiation.

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