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A List Of Bad Topics To Avoid In A College Essay

A college essay should reveal things about you. It should be a glimpse into your soul. If it is about a bad experience or a poor choice that you made; it should your positive growth from what happened. It needs to show that you are human with flaws, but that you have grown or learned. Some people take the honesty factor to the extreme, and reveal too much about themselves in their essay. Some bad topics to avoid in a college essay are:

  • What I Did on My Summer Vacation
  • The Time I was Arrested
  • My Worst Flaw
  • Why My Parents Do not Like Me
  • The Time I Got Drunk
  • My Addictions
  • Why I do not Want to Attend College
  • My Worst Characteristics
  • The Best Party I ever Attended
  • How I Broke the Law and No One Knew
  • Cheating can Help You
  • What I want to be When I Grow Up
  • Why I Don’t Lie Pets
  • I Hate Homework
  • My Girlfriend Broke Up with Me
  • My Anger Issues
  • My Lazy Nature
  • I am a Procrastinator
  • Why People Don’t Like Me
  • No One Understands Me at All
  • Making Excuses
  • I Don’t want to Grow Up
  • Why I failed Algebra and English My Junior Year
  • When I Dropped out of High School
  • I’m Stupid
  • I Don’t Have any Friends
  • Homework is Stupid
  • I Hate House Chores

All of these topics have a negative twist on them. Maybe you don’t like homework, you did break a law, and find pets annoying but keep that to yourself. This could all be characteristics you have, but why would you want to magnify or put an emphasis on what most people would consider to be a negative. You must be smart as you write your

composition. Pick topics that are more flattering to you, and actually emphasize your good qualities.

Other things to avoid in any essay you write are slang words, contractions, profanity, and grammar errors. You also want to make sure that your paper is submitted by the deadline, that it meets all the teacher requirements, and that any requested supplemental materials are also submitted. These might be an outline, a rough draft, or hard copies of sources if you used them. Do you best job, proof the paper, and by all means pick a positive topic for your paper.

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