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A Simple Guide Explaining How to Write a Critique Essay on an Article

When criticizing another writer’s work it is important to keep give construct feedback. You want all of the points, argument or suggestion made about the article to follow with an explanation or suggestion to better the work. A simple guide to writing a critique essay on an article is as follows: study article and take notes, introduce/summarize article, present argument(s) and then conclude.

  • Study Article & Take Notes
  • Reading for pleasure and reading for review are two different kinds of reading. While reading for pleasure, it is acceptable to skim through and make deductions as you read. On the other hand, with reading for review or critique, it is necessary to read very actively. When critiquing an article, you will want to read and study it multiple times before criticizing. While reading, it would be helpful to underline, highlight and take notes on the article. Later, you will use these notes and studies for the article’s critique essay.

  • Introduce/Summarize
  • Once you have studied the article and taken thorough notes, you will be ready to move on to writing the critique essay. At the beginning of the critique essay, you will want to introduce the article and perhaps summarize it for readers. You don’t want to completely retell the content of the article, but just provide the critique essay readers with a general understanding of the article’s purpose. Introducing and summarizing the article will set up the introduction for the point your plan to make about the article.

  • Present Argument
  • After introducing the article you plan to critique, you will move into the body paragraphs of the essay. These body paragraphs will have the content of your argument. Refer to your notes and thoughts on the articles. What were points of strength and points of weakness? Do you think the article was overall successful? If so or if not, why? Organize each point you make into paragraph forms within the body of your essay article critique.

  • Conclude
  • With your conclusion, you will again share the overall points made by the paper, similarly to your thesis statement in the introduction, but you will also give a final evaluation. This is your chance to make any last statements about the article, and driving home any points or opinions.

Critiquing an article in essay form can be challenging. Sometimes we feel ill equipped to be the critic of sometimes professional essays, but with good note taking and extensive studying, as well as well thought out points about the paper—you will successfully critique the article. This is an opinion-based essay so follow these tips and it will be fool-proof!

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