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A few important tips that will help you write a perfect essay

Writing a perfect essay is not easy. In fact, it may not even be possible, in any general, objective sense. But, if you know what an essay is designed to do, then it is possible to perfectly demonstrate that knowledge. So, what are the basic requirements of an academic essay? And how can you address them, and therefore have a prefect model for an essay?

  • Reading
  • The first ability that an essay is designed to demonstrate, and to teach, is the skill of reading. Reading is not simply about turning pages, it is about selecting appropriate material to read, understanding that material and understanding why it is relevant. Your essay must engage with scholarship in such a way as to demonstrate these abilities.

  • Independent Thought
  • Another key skill that an essay illustrates and requires is the ability to work, and to think, independently about your subject. Academia is about understanding the context of your study, and finding a means of approaching this that is novel and that has merit.

  • Ability to Argue
  • An essay is an argument. It really is as simple as that. In an essay, you have a subject, something to say about that subject, and the challenge is to convince the reader that what you have to say is supported by your sources. This is what an essay is!

  • Ability to Synthesise
  • In an argument, one that comes within the context of existing scholarship, you will need to demonstrate an ability to understand how existing research fits in with your study. That means that you have to show that you can synthesise other’s thoughts, other’s approaches, and can blend them with your research to create a new piece of scholarship that is aware of the existing field.

  • Ability to Write
  • Lastly, but absolutely not least, an essay illustrates your ability to write. It shows that you understand the conventions of the language, that you understand the grammar, vocabulary, and use. It also demonstrates that you understand the conventions of writing in your subject, and that you can apply whatever style guide, be it APA, MLA, HR, that your subject employs.

So, these are all the things that are required in an essay. If you can cover them all, then you are a step closer to having that perfect essay!

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