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Essay needs to be a clear and coherent. Learn how to say more in a simple way.


You need to use an original idea to make your essay more valuable and interesting.


Academic writing needs some special requirements to follow. Check your essay for proper format.


What we want to do is to teach you how to write better and make your essay more valuable.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays do not have to be serious all of the time. When you are able to add your personality or an unexpected voice to an essay, your purchased essay will not only become more enjoyable to read, but more enjoyable to write, too. Whether you have ever written a funny essay or not, you can practice by experimenting with different tones as you write your essays. Eventually, you will realize how much fun it can be to write essays in a variety of different tones. When you are ready to brainstorm serious, clever, or funny argumentative essay topics, you have many places to turn. As long as you follow the standard format for essay writing, your essay should be successful. But if you need help you can always ask for a help from essay writing service.

  • essay writing helpDefend Your Claim

    An argumentative essay is a persuasive essay that uses arguments to defend a point.Each essay needs to have an introduction with a catchy hook and a clearly written claim. Between the hook and the claim, you should always include a bridge that connects the two pieces of the introduction. The claim will be near the end of the introduction and it should be easy for the readers to identify.

  • essay topicsSupport Your Argument

    The body of the essay is where the argument is supported. This section should be several paragraphs in length and each paragraph should read like a miniature argumentative essay itself. The paragraphs should each have their own topic sentences. At the end of each paragraph, you should be sure to link the information and arguments back to the original claim.

  • essay structureWrite a Strong Conclusion

    Lastly, the argumentative essay needs to have a conclusion that ties the entire paper together. The conclusion should be at least one paragraph in length and possibly more depending on the topic you choose and the length of the paper as a whole. This structure is standard for every persuasive essay.

Practice Makes Perfect

Essay writing does not have to be a complicated activity. It is similar to any other activity that requires practice. When you are learning to write essays, you should practice writing them as often as you can. Each time you write, you will learn more about sentence structure, fluency, and the art of arguing. Even if you are writing about funny argumentative essay topics, you will also have to practice including real evidence with citations. As you practice, you will find that essay writing is not that bad.

Funny Topics to Consider

One of the most challenging parts of writing a high quality argumentative essay is deciding on topics. If your professor does not specifically assign a topic, you will need to create one on your own, which for many students is very difficult simply because of all of the possibilities. Here are a few ideas for fun topics:

  • Should parents be allowed to use Facebook?
  • Who is a better superhero? Batman or Superman?
  • Should Harry Potter books be required reading in schools?
  • Should Americans have siestas in the middle of the day?
  • Should women propose to men?
  • Why should teenagers be allowed to use their smartphones in school?

If you do choose a funny topic, the best thing to do is take the topic to the extreme. This can be done with a silly or serious topic, as long as you choose the most farfetched argument you can imagine.

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