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A List Of Easy Essay Topics About Vampires: 15 Fresh Ideas

The character and mythology of vampires is full of charisma. When the term “vampire” comes into notice, we imagine an individual in black walking through the lonely ways of towering castles? After all who builds such imaginations? Are these creatures always associated with grim, darkness, tortures and horrors? Are essays form the basis of such myths.

Check out some gruesome topics on vampires-

  1. Why Vampires catches the spotlight by most of the fiction story books, television programs, novels and movies? Why they are seen to quench their thirst by drinking blood of innocents?

  2. How vampires are formed? How modern vampires differ from the traditional ones? Why they capture people during nights or when walking in isolation?

  3. Do vampires really exist or are just the imagination of a common man? Do they attack people who are physically or emotionally weak or can command any group of people?

  4. Why vampires are presented as seductive creatures with hypnotic stare and dangerous fangs? Are these creatures nocturnal only or wander during day time too?

  5. Why vampires are considered as the ugliest ones even though most attractive celebrity stars act in them?

  6. Why society is fascinated to watch vampire movies? Why any vampire’s presence is incomplete in absence of white, strong and canine teeth? How their large, sturdy and pointed nails are related with immortality? How these a
    re the basis of any successful movie?

  7. Discuss the history of vampires? Why they are considered as most notorious and mysterious creatures?

  8. Is it fine to produce horrific films on vampires while challenging people to watch them alone in the cinema hall getting the prize money?

  9. Discuss the vampires in gothic context? Throw light on their motifs. How they are more related with a supernatural and melodramatic fiction stories that operates on tension and realism based.

  10. Who all can become vampire? Are all vampires bad? What is the relation and difference between ghosts and vampires?

  11. How vampires are created? How they target people? How cultures and religions are deeply influenced by their beliefs?

  12. Why vampires generally portray great health and abundant of wealth? Is drinking human’s blood is the chief reason of their strength?

  13. What do you think- Do all vampires have a unique story? Do you think that becoming a vampire is in the hands of the soul?

  14. Based on your imagination, draw a sketch of the vampires world. Discuss the natural world, their architectural world, the gender, physical appearance and their mindset? Is harming an innocent is always there motive?

  15. Write an essay on vampire marrying a beautiful princess? Discuss the arrangements done by them?

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