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List Of Professor Approved Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Making the Case for a Persuasive Argument

  • Your instructor will ask that you compose a writing assignment that offers the reader a perspective in the chosen topic of interest in persuasion. Considering the fact, that, instructors in the liberal arts field readily approve this type of assignment, the sort of list of topics available for such a writing composition greatly depends on the instructor’s required measures and your ability to figure out creative and interesting topics. Because you are reading this article, it is safe to assume that at least one of the two options listed above apply. But, then again, you could also have a topic or series of topics of interest on hand and are just in the deciding phase of your assignment. Gaining a good hold on perspective is always a welcoming and valuable trait to possess and to learn to possess as a student, as you will find it to greatly suit you throughout life.

  • Topics of Interesting Appeal

  • Looking no further than one’s own perspective is labeled as being “closed-minded.” The truth of the matter is that the capability of possessing each and every imaginable form of idea or thought to have ever been able to be conceived in the Universe is highly unlikely. Originality, for instance, is the borrowing and meshing of ideas that have already been made public, or readily known throughout the thought processes of the general population as through exposure, and infusing these ideas with one’s own to create something “new.” Being able to tell a new idea or thought that has never before been witnessed or seen is a task not to be taken lightly, as there is bound to be a critic under the woodworks waiting to refute one’s originality by tying it to the works or ideas of another. In any case, topics of interest should serve the purpose of, not only being interesting, but also informing the audience to which it is presented an initiation spark of the mind. That is, with the transfer of your persuasive essay topic discussion should also emerge the influence of luring the audience to want to learn more. Topics of interest include: Naturopathy, Vegetarianism, Incidence of Vaccinations to Health Ailments, The Use of Animal Experimentation, Feedlots, Slaughterhouses and Factory Farms, FEMA Camps, Executive Orders Currently in Effect, and Trauma Based Mind Control.

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