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Occupy Movement

The Occupy movement is the international branch of the Occupy Wall Street lobby group that protests against economic and social disparities worldwide. The movement has its roots in the University of California’s 2009 and 2010 student protests. In addition to the United States, the demonstrations also took place in over 951 cities spanning approximately 82 countries. The protest raised the slogan, ‘Occupy Everything; Demand Nothing’; hence, the rise of Occupy Movement. Known for its relentlessness, movement vouches for equity in the societal distribution of political and economic resources and above all in the promotion of democracy. Having achieved several of their objectives; the movement has been very successful.

Because of the movement’s effort, there has been a global wave agitating for democracy and corporate control in the United States. Even with its shortcomings, the movement released a warning signal across the Wall Street that indicated the beginning of an era of transformation. The change is intended to rebuild democracy and turn the current generation from the path of political and economic destruction. It also seeks to build a new world to ensure the survival of future generations.

The movement formed a left center of gravity that linked various political forces that consists of anarchists, libertarians, and progressives. Despite the plazas eviction around the country, a great organization, and individual network got activated. Most of them continued working together towards the occupy movement goal, either in spinoff projects such as strike debt, Occupy Homes, and Occupy Sandy or other movements.

The movement also managed to inspire other groups and unions on taking more militant stance. Community and faith-based organizations and Unions played a major responsibility of supporting the Occupy movement; hence, leading to the inspiration. The groups and unions began to rethink their organizing approaches and the Democratic Party relationship as they continue to suffer corporation unchecked attack and shrinking membership. The corporation seeks to eliminate any union or institution that unbridled profit and stood between them.

Therefore, from the discussion, Occupy movement is a protest movement that aimed to make political and economic relations in every society and promote democracy. It is evident that the movement did not fail as such but established some achievements. The movement managed to inspire groups and unions into more militant stance, link various political forces and bring the recent globally network wave for democracy and capitalism equity and corporate control.

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