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A List Of Interesting Best Friend Essay Topics

Although it may not be assigned frequently, the best friend essay is still a fairly common assignment in middle school, elementary school and high school. To write this essay, students may be given a range of different topics. They may be required to write according to a specific prompt, or they may be given complete leeway to write what they want.


One of the first things that students can do with this type of paper is write about exactly who their friend is. They may want to write about their friend's birth location, their family life and their hobbies. Students should consider what attributes make their friend interesting. Their friend may have a unique trait that sets them apart, or they may possess a unique talent. When written in several paragraphs, this style of best friend essay will normally end up looking a lot like an encyclopedia entry.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

For an extremely interesting best friend essay, students can write about how they became close friends with their best friend. They can start by talking about the moment that they first met their friend. If they were not friends instantaneously, the student can write about why they were not friends at first. For longer papers, students can write about how their friendship developed over time.

The One Important Moment

Every close friendship comes with memories from the past. In some cases, these memories are exceptional and make for a great story. Students can use one of these memories to write about their friend. They can expand on the story, provide background detail or just tell the reader what happened.

What Does Friendship Mean?

For this style of friendship writing, students do not have to focus on an individual person. Instead, they should discuss what friendship means to them. They can discuss their personal experience with friendship or how ideas about friendship changed over time. At the very least, the student can cover the basic definition of friendship .

Is It Better to Have Many Friends or a Couple of Close Friends?

The answer to this question really depends on the person. Students can start by deciding on their personal answer to the question. Once the student begins writing the essay, they need to provide points that will support their argument. The best papers contain research and academic sources, so students should do a bit of research to create this essay.

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