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  A List Of Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics To Write About

A descriptive essay is supposed to present a detailed description about a particular area or subject. This type of an essay is usually impressive and interesting for the reader who gets to lean a new and significant thing about the subject. When writing such a paper, it’s important to select the topic carefully. Some students tend to assume that they can come up with a great descriptive paper regardless of the topic that they select. However it is completely senseless to spend long hours trying to work out what you will write about, how to organize your ideas in the best way, and the best way to please your audience. It is therefore better to take some time to find a topic that will reflect an interesting issue.

In case you are finding trouble coming up with an interesting topic, here is a list of interesting descriptive essay topics to write about.

  • Describe how you experienced one beautiful summer afternoon sunset by the lake
  • Write a descriptive paper about an interesting character from a book, cartoon or movie
  • You can describe an interesting personality that you always aspire to resemble
  • You can describe an interesting place that you visited for your vacation
  • Describe a festival or celebration in a foreign country or culture
  • Write about the most interesting art piece in any museum that you visited
  • You can describe the taste, smell, and texture of your favourite food
  • You can describe the experience you had while trying to learn a foreign language
  • You can describe the things you saw, smelt, and felt when you visited a new town
  • You can write about an iconic building in your town or in the nearest city
  • Write about a person who may have changed your attitude towards literature, music, or art.
  • You can write about a certain piece of furniture that you hate
  • You can describe the kind of things ladies usually carry in their handbags
  • You can write about some strange behaviour you always notice with your neighbour
  • You can describe how the environment changes with each passing season

It’s always important to have a distinct vision of what you want to write about, or you won’t be able to draw a clear picture of the topic or subject. You should remember that a descriptive essay is about showing rather than telling. Therefore, try to use concrete images and figurative language to draw a clear picture of the subject and any reader will find your paper interesting.

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