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How to write essays quickly: acing in paper crafting

Students have many demands on their time, and they often need to write essays for class very quickly. Also, everyone has had some problems with procrastinating or simply forgetting assignments. What can a student who’s experiencing a major time crunch do? Here’s how anyone can write an essay quickly:

  • Come up with a straightforward thesis statement idea and stick with it.
  • Because there’s a major deadline approaching and there isn’t much time, it’s important to come up with an easy thesis statement and commit to it. To do so, formulate a question about the basic essay topic and come up with a hypothetical answer which can be proven or disproven through some quick research. The student need not determine until researching whether the statement is true or false; if it is false, they can adjust the statement accordingly and argue the opposite point with the same research.

  • Create a skeleton outline.
  • Typically, a student would be doing the research on their topic prior to creating any outline at all, but when time is in short supply that’s not always a possibility. In this case, the student should create a skeleton outline—an outline that shows how the paper will be organized but isn’t yet filled in with ideas. It should include the thesis statement idea along with several body paragraph sections, each labeled with an idea or concept which will serve as the theme for that section. The skeleton outline does not need to contain the introduction or conclusion of the essay just yet.

  • Research each main theme in the skeleton outline, creating a full outline in the process.
  • Now that the skeleton outline is done, the student should move on to research, creating a full outline in the process. While students would generally research extensively first and then pick out ideas, when time is short it’s better to do targeted research on each idea and insert it into the outline.

  • Write the rough draft of the body of the essay using the outline.
  • Using the information from the filled-in outline, the student should proceed with the rough draft of the essay body.

  • Outline and write the introduction and conclusion.
  • Now that the student can see the basic form of the essay in the draft of the body, they can outline and write an introduction and conclusion that pulls the whole thing together quickly.

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