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Who is More Apt to Succeed? Males vs. Females

Although modern society and business is still dominated by males, both women and men are equally apt for success. We are thankfully part of an era in which women are rises to the top, and equality is over great importance. Women of influence like Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin have blazed the travel for successful women. They lead by example, as well as directly advocating for equality in the workplace. Both men and women are equally apt for success in any field of their choosing if they set their minds to it, and commitment themselves to success.

Looking at statistics and data, you will see the amount of successful and powerful men in the business world is greater than the amount of successful women—but this does not mean that one gender is more apt for success than the other. Men do have fewer stigmas to overcome in the working world, and usually find the climb to the top a bit easier than women, with booming careers as CEO’s, CFO’s, lawyers, doctors and politicians—but that does not reserve these occupations for men only. Successful men like Bill Gates, Sean White and George Clooney are examples of hugely successful men in male dominated industries.

Just as men find success in the working world, women are just as apt to find success with enough time and commitment. Unfortunately, women must be mindful in a patriarchal society of their rights and treatment, especially in the workplace. Women must push past barriers and expectations, and prove their success in the working world. Women have certain stigmas to overcome, but immensely successful women like Oprah Winfrey and Melinda Gates prove that women can be just as successful, if not more successful, than men.

One day we will live in a society where gender is irrelevant, and the business world will be based solely on permit and work ethic. We will not have to worry about gender placing any emphasis on an application or decision. Until this judgment free day comes, men and women alike must strive to maintain their drive in the business world. With commitment to success and the drive to make it happen, you will overcome any obstacle set ahead of you. You are stronger than you know it, and can succeed regardless of gender.

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