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Writing A Strong Comparative Essay On Frankenstein And Blade Runner

Writing a strong comparative essay on topics relating to Frankenstein and Blade Runner may require research and plenty of note taking. If you are interested in these types of subjects you will find elements that stand out to you easily. These elements can help you compare topics accordingly based on what you want to write about and present to others. Comparison writing basically gives informative details about two similar subject matters and what you have observed. The following points offer basic insight on how you can compare these two subjects.

  • Learn about Both Subjects and Take Notes on Interesting Details
  • As you learn about each topic take notes and think about aspects you want to write about. You may find one subject more interesting than the other. Your essay should have a good amount of information from both sides. This will make it easier to write about when you develop your outline and rough draft. You can learn about each essay topic through different methods of research. For instance, you can use books, papers written on each topic, and even video content. As long as you get a clear idea of what your topic should be in relation to both subjects your paper should be an interesting read.

  • Determine What Perspective or Angle You Want to Compare Each Subject
  • As you define your main idea think about elements necessary to compare your subjects. What are things similar about Frankenstein and Blade Runner you want to mention? You should review elements of your findings to help develop your thesis statement. The stronger your statement the stronger your paper will be as a whole. Take notes on elements you feel are important to your essay and things that can make a difference in how people compare each subject.

  • Develop a Comparative Essay Outline with Your Findings
  • The outline will make it easier to write your essay. The outline will include observations made during the research process. You will include discussion points your paper will detail. The discussion points will be in reference to elements you are comparing as they relate to your main idea. Once the outline is complete you can start your rough draft. To get an idea of how your essay should look when completed consider studying comparative writing samples and highlighting important points of interest.

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