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How not to overdo with funny essay topics

As you are writing your essay it is important to remember that funny topics can be fun and appealing as the writer but you must not go overboard with them. Trying to be too funny may draw attention away from your actual writing. In addition the person reviewing your paper may not have the same love of humor as you and they may not have the same sense of humor as you. Something that is funny to you may not be as funny to the reader if they have no background to the comment or do not find your particular style of humor to be entertaining. If this happens your grade may suffer because you tried to be funny.

If you are struggling to think of comprehensive topics to cover consider the examples below. These questions might inspire you:

  • Should there be an age minimum before owning a cell phone? For example: should parents be prohibited from buying an iPhone for children under the age of 12?
  • Should computer games be integrated into the classroom?
  • What limit should be placed on a company‚Äôs ability to collect your private data?
  • Should computers be used to grade student essays?
  • Should photo shop be alleviated because of the detrimental stereotypes it promotes?

After you select the topic on which you will write it is up to you to begin the research and writing process. It may be best to create a list of questions related to your topic. Consider both sides of an argument and ask yourself what questions the reader might have related to those sides. The questions you create will help guide your research. Once you have done that you need to gather the appropriate sources and begin the writing phase starting with an outline and a first draft.

The outline will give your paper direction and the first draft will give you something to revise and edit for flow. When you are writing any type of research or academic paper, it is important that you have great paragraph structure. Having a good paragraph structure will offer a map for your ideas and will allow your reader to be guided through your reasoning. As you are writing, you want to ensure you keep a simple set of principles in mind and that you use these principles during the revision process.

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