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A List Of Interesting Grade 8 Narrative Essay Topics

In a narrative essay you should write about some story that happened to you in the past. Usually, topics are given by teachers, so students don’t need to think about what they are going to write about. However, there are times when teachers give students an opportunity to choose their topics by themselves. This situation might confuse some students, because not everyone can come up with a good topic right away. You may look at the list of decent topics for narrative papers below.

  1. A memorable wedding.
  2. If you have been in a wedding that was really interesting and original, you may write about this event in your paper.

  3. A day that changed your life.
  4. You may write about a day when you met somebody who changed your life or when you got into a situation that made you reevaluate your life priorities.

  5. A terrible date.
  6. If you had a disastrous date, but you don’t feel ashamed to tell about it, you may describe this event in your essay.

  7. An interesting journey.
  8. If you have been on a journey that brought you plenty of positive emotions and pleasant memories, you may write about it in your paper.

  9. A visit to a foreign country.
  10. You may write about your first visit to some foreign country and describe your impressions about traditions and culture of foreigners.

  11. A frightening experience.
  12. If you had a situation in your life when you were terribly frightened and stressed, you may describe the feelings that you’ve experienced in your narrative essay.

  13. A serious misunderstanding.
  14. Sometimes, misunderstanding might cause serious consequences. Write about an example from your life that proves this.

  15. A historic event that impressed you.
  16. If there is an event in the human history that made a great impression on you, you may write about it in your paper.

  17. An encounter with a celebrity.
  18. If you have encountered a famous person that you like and even managed to speak to him or her, you may tell about this case in your narrative paper.

  19. A difficult decision.
  20. If you had a situation in your life when you had to make a difficult decision that would influence your future life, you may write about this in your essay.

  21. A fantasy place.
  22. This topic allows you to write about an imaginary place you would like to visit. Tell why you’d like to visit it and what you’d do there.

  23. A funny situation.
  24. If you have been in a situation that looked like a story of a standup comedian, you may retell it to your readers.

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