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How To Come Up With A Captivating Essay Topic On Politeness

Politeness is a very intriguing subject, and can have a wide variety of different meanings and connotations depending upon where you are in the world. As a result, there are many different topics that you can discuss as part of an essay when writing about politeness.

In fact, in order to think of good topics to write about, you may simply wish to look at the world around you, and what you perceive to be politeness and/or rudeness; alternatively, you may wish to look at other societies and cultures, or even the past, in order to come up with various topics to write about.

When thinking of topics to write about, you may wish to look at things from a personal perspective, in terms of how you see the world. Alternatively, you may wish to discuss various topics with the help of a great deal of research. In fact, it is important to bear this in mind when thinking of a topic, and some of the ideas below can give you some inspiration.

  • Is it rude to eat with one’s mouth open, or is it simply natural?
  • Who are responsible for teaching children manners: teachers or parents?
  • Outline and discuss various cultural differences, and how innocent actions can easily be perceived as rude, despite any intended politeness
  • Are swearwords an unnecessary part of the language, or do they serve an important purpose?
  • Compare and contrast the use of polite language by young people and old people, and is there any truth to the idea that young people are ruder than older generations?
  • Is it polite for men to hold doors open for women, and other similar actions, or is this simply another form of misogyny?
  • What do a person’s manners say about them as a person?
  • How has social etiquette changed over the past 100 years?
  • Is it polite to tip, even if you are not fully satisfied with the service that you received?
  • Should young people be more respectful of their elders, or should everybody be equally as polite and mindful of each other, no matter how old individuals are?
  • Have mobile phones and other technological devices made people less polite in social circumstances?
  • Discuss the use of formal and informal speech and words in various languages around the world, and how the use of individual words can be seen as polite or impolite, depending upon the context in which they are used

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