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How To Craft A Good Essay: Using Free Examples

It is true...writing is not a verb in the sense of something banal that is simply done for the sake of doing. It is a craft, and one that requires time and conviction in order for the success you strive to achieve is realized. [Inaudible whispering]. Oh-sorry, nevermind. Let’s switch gears and discuss free examples of good essays.

Good essays come in all sorts of forms, formats, and styles. What type of essay are you looking to get a look at in order to spark some inspiration? And before we go any further, let us all agree the five paragraph model, (intro, three body paragraphs, conclusion) will act as the standard format no matter which way you guide your essay.

The world is full of worldly things, most of which include experiences, observations, and the essays or research that records these events.

What’cha want?

  • There are all types of essays worthy of being crafted and handled with respect and an appropriate amount of respect.
  • Is this an argumentative essay in need of persuading your reader?
  • Are you in need of an informative essay explaining a process or describing how something is created or accomplished?
  • Descriptive essays will be able to inform as well as tell a story.
  • Have you been tasked with writing a definitive (definition) essay? Most people are capable of drawing parallels between a definition and its real world application, but it doesn’t hurt to provide an explanation, a story, and/or inferences that go beyond a simple definition.
  • Compare/Contrast essays are another type of essay that is fun to write; as long as you don’t wrap your head around the concept too far.

Regardless of if you are explaining a personal opinion or reiterating the information or research completed by others, any legitimate essay will use the first person narrative (I) or the arguably more clinical third person incorporating other pronouns, like (he, she, it, or they) as a vehicle to move an essay forward successfully.

Whichever topic you choose to focus on, realize that organizing your essay is almost as important as the research or opinion voiced itself. Without correct formatting, your readers or professors will have even stronger impetus to pick apart your sources and information which led you to your conclusions. Do yourself a favor and eliminate any unforced errors you can eliminate prior them happening.

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