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Tried And True Ways To Create An Essay About A Picnic You Enjoyed

When writing an essay about a personal experience, such as a picnic you enjoyed, you are essentially creating a narrative piece where you use vivid descriptions to paint a picture for the reader so that he or she will feel connected with the sensations you invoke. Some students find this style of writing quite natural, but others struggle to develop images or choose the most effective words. Here are some tried and true ways of creating a great essay about a picnic you enjoyed that earn you a top grade:

  • Narrow the focus of the paper
  • If you are given the freedom to choose your own topic within the assignment, then keep in mind that it should be as focused and narrow as possible so that you can manage it more effectively. If you have a particular picnic in mind it would help to write about a single aspect, such as a meal, or a specific person in attendance, rather than try to capture the picnic as a whole.

  • Develop an assignment outline
  • Take your notes and arrange them into a detailed outline which you can use as you write the first, second, and third drafts of the assignment. Always keep the reader in mind as you structure and arrange your content. Make sure your message is clear and direct so that anyone will completely understand the point you are making.

  • Start writing a quick first draft
  • The most effective way to get started with your assignment is to write a first draft as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t stop to make corrections. A break in your momentum can cause you to lose track of what may be some really good ideas. Keep going no matter how poorly you think your assignment is coming along.

  • Make revisions to your paper
  • Set your paper aside for at least a few hours so that you can return to it and start revising it with as clear a mind as possible. Look for all instances where you can improve the content by adding, removing, or rearranging your words. What worked for you when composing your first draft may not work for you anymore. Make the necessary changes to improve you work.

  • Edit and proofread your writing
  • Don’t forget that even the best writers will make occasional mistakes that can be easily corrected through a thorough edit and proofread of their content. Take this sage advice and be sure to do this with your own work. There will always be room for improvement, and any little mistake can cost you a letter grade.

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