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How to Write an Effective Essay Fast?

The need to write clear, concise and effective essays on a deadline is a very demanding task even for writers. There are some techniques and methods to write essays that can become second nature to you only through practice. There are seven basic steps involved to write a fast and productive article:

Step 1:

Think before you pick up the pen. Devote at least 10% of your time creating a visual structure and main points before starting. If you do not do this, sometime later you will reach a mental block and you will lose more time thinking than writing. So stay organized.

Step 2:

Create an outline of the essay. A general essay consists of an introduction, main body and conclusion. Irrespective of the length of the essay, it is necessary to follow this basic structure to make the essay more comprehensive for the reader.

Step 3:

Make a mental list of all your supporting examples, arguments and quotations to avoid facing a mental block later on while writing. Being equipped with the set of ideas gives your essay a sense of flow, whereas starting from a stagnated point will give you an abrupt start.

Step 4:

Write in clear and concise sentences. Using fancy words you do not understand will create a negative impression of yourself in the eyes of the reader. Sentences should be constructed without grammatical errors as well as spellings should be correct.

Step 5:

Always start with an introduction. Starting the introduction with a bold statement will always entice the reader. The thumb rule for an introduction is more than one-twelfth and less than one-tenth of the total article length. This is just a thumb rule so the introduction can be of any length depending on the content and the wish of the author.

Step 6:

Use your evidence and arguments whenever needed. Try spacing them out throughout your essay to keep the reader alert all times. While using evidence be as specific as you can. Using sentences like ‘some great person’ or ‘from a great book’ signifies that you have not done your groundwork properly.

Step 7:

Conclude your essay without using words like ‘conclude’ or ‘summarize’ in them. These words are very harsh and the article feels dead when you use them. Refrain from adding extra bits of evidence in the conclusion no matter how substantial it is.

Adhering to these points will provide you a technique that will make you a master at effective and speed writing.

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