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The Top 22 Most Provocative Topics For An Argument Essay

When trying to write an argumentative essay you have to think of topics that will allow you to do that with a high degree of ease. Some topics are easier to complete than others and selecting the right one will be key. So here are 22 most provocative topics that you can use for your next argumentative essay:

  1. Smoking should be banned so that it will be given up by everyone?
  2. Gaming is an activity that is great for adults just like children?
  3. What are the top reasons for why adults become addicted to drugs?
  4. What are the top reasons for why traveling around the world is a great idea?
  5. How can a large person use technology to lose weight effectively all year?
  6. Are apps a great way of trying to lose weight if other methods have failed?
  7. What can be done to ensure that you do not fall into the trap of giving up on a goal?
  8. What is the number one reason for why a lot of people give up on a personal life goal?
  9. How can celebrities do more to help the average person?
  10. Do you feel that celebrities should do more to help the average person out in life?
  11. Who are the most successful type of people in life?
  12. Do you feel that the creation of artificial intelligence is a good thing for the human race?
  13. What can be done to quit smoking?
  14. Should school meals be as healthy as possible?
  15. What decisions should kids never be allowed to make?
  16. Is the quality of parenting taking a turn for the worst during this decade?
  17. How can teachers do more to stop bullying?
  18. What can be done to ensure a small business is as success?
  19. Do you feel that governments should do more so that a small business makes a success of themselves?
  20. How can we all improve our attitudes to help the person next to us in life?
  21. Do you feel that the next president of the USA should make online poker legal in all states?
  22. What should be done by the government to increase the number of young adults getting a job?

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