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15 Suggestions For Writing An Essay About Your Best Friend

Writing an essay about your best friend is one of the easiest tasks. However, this can turn out to be difficult if one is a beginner or does not have enough guiding tips. Prior to the writing, it is good to look at the following important tips.

  • Conduct a research
  • This is significant as it equips the author with prior knowledge on the best opinions and ideas to jot down. Without research, you will be sure to get confounded on the way and this means misleading the reader.

  • Pick an interesting topic
  • This may either be assigned by your tutor or you may be asked to compose. If you are presented with one, narrow your focus on it so that you have enough arguments to acquaint.

  • Prepare an outline
  • It becomes very easy when one has an organized plan. Present your facts briefly on the sketch in an orderly manner. Do not forget to adhere to it when you embark on writing. It is also important to base on the given instructions.

  • Create an effective thesis about friendship
  • Now that you have all it takes to start crafting, show out the main idea for your text. This forms the foundation of your body as all the evidence will be presented to qualify it.

  • Write a unique introduction
  • This comes immediately after the title. It should be able to capture the reader’s interest so as to keep him or her in the course.

  • Back up with strong points
  • Your body will mainly entail ideas and perfect examples that support the thesis statement. They should be substantial and relevant to the given topic.

Below are the 15 suggestions you can focus on in building your work.

  1. How you met your best friend
  2. The best moment of your time
  3. What makes your guardians unique
  4. How unique is your best friend
  5. Why you can make it in life
  6. The hardest choice you have made together in life
  7. A let down you have ever had in life
  8. If you had power, how you would utilize it
  9. The best vacation you have gone together
  10. How your best friend has influenced your life
  11. Crazy things you have done together
  12. Some of your future plans
  13. The extend of friendship you expect in future
  14. Your recommendations about how other people should choose friends
  15. Your top talents

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