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A list of 15 interesting process essay topics

  • Geography: The cycle of weather patterns in [name your region]

    Analyze the weather patterns of your school’s region and write an informative essay on the cycle.

  • Psychology: The development of addiction

    Explain the process of how someone becomes addicted to a substance or object.

  • Writing: The process of improving your vocabulary and language skills

    There are so many non-English speaking individuals who are highly motivated to enter the English world of writing. Tell them how to do this.

  • Marketing: The process of Search Engine Optimization

    Describe the trends and methods used to perform highly optimized search for companies.

  • Reformed theology: The stages of betrayal by Judas Iscariot

    Look into the life of Christ and focus in on His betrayal by one of his closest disciples.

  • Biology: A slowed down look at why you can’t touch a hot stove for more than 3 seconds

    Show a detailed description on how pain receptors protect us from burning ourselves.

  • Literature: How to effectively write a play

    Explain the steps to writing a good play.

  • Medical: The process of resuscitation after an allergic reaction

    Write an informative guide to performing first aid on someone who has suffered an allergic reaction.

  • Psychology: How to overcome regret

    Lay out the steps of how to get passed the debilitating effect of regret.

  • Music: How to successfully synchronize music with lyrics

    Writing lyrics is easy for some, while coming up with a catchy tune is easier for others. Explain how to harmonize both of these processes.

  • Biology: The positive effects of classical music on the brain

    Explain how our brains react when stimulated by classical music.

  • History: Hitler’s progressive conquest of western Europe

    Give a strategic analysis of how Adolf Hitler conquered his neighbours.

  • Sport: How to teach someone to play the game of chess

    Write a step by step guide for someone who wants to teach the game of chess.

  • Astronomy: How a star is born

    Lots of people would love to know how a star is born. Write on how this process takes place and don’t leave out any interesting details.

  • Fashion: The design process of a jacket

    Imagine writing 500 words to a newbie designer on how to design a basic jacket.

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