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Never Use Popular Essay Topics For High School Writing Assignments

Popular topics for a high school writing assignment may seem like a great idea. After all, you are probably more familiar with the content and it may help you get your assignment done sooner. In some cases this is not always the case. Popular topics often have more than one student writing about it at the same time. Your instructor will want to see more diversity on topics that are not only interesting, but show how well you take on writing challenges. You need to select a topic that will challenge your skills and help you develop knowledge to create useful content.

Encourage Yourself to Consider Something Different

There are times it is better to just write about something different or unusual. When you write about something popular there may not be much surprise to the content. With popularity a lot of people are familiar with the content and they may already predict or know what you will present. This may not make much of a challenge for you unless you are willing to present something new. You will need to take the topic and really work it into something unique, or something people will not expect.

You May End Up Writing Similar Content as another Student

Popular topics may draw attention to your colleagues. Meaning, you may share similar interests and viewpoints. You may need to connect with your colleagues to ensure you are not writing the same content. Your instructor may find this difficult to follow if multiple students wrote about the same topic. You need to remember you should challenge yourself with a different topic. Popular topics may seem easier to write but you should not select one just so you can get the assignment out of the way quickly. A popular topic may not help you in the end if you do not know how to make it different.

If You Must Consider a New Angle or Perspective

This is the most important aspect of choosing a popular topic. Your instructor will already know what to expect, but you need to think about it from a different perspective. Can you shed opinions on the situation others may not know about? Can you consider a topic that may be different or the opposite of the subject matter? This can be the real challenge you need to create a good assignment that will get you a good grade and improve writing skills.

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