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What Are The Most Relevant Topics For An Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay is one where you tell the reader about a product, place, service, business or a program, by telling them the quality of it.  This is one of the only essays that you can actually give your own opinion on the subject but should be over opinionated.  You want to approach it with reasoning and unbiased.  You can do this with three things, evidence, judgments, and criteria.  You have to establish the criteria by telling the reader what they think the outcome will be with this subject.  This can be what a product is supposed to do and so on depending on your subject.  The judgment is whether or not this subject met the expectations or the criteria that was established.  The evidence shows what you did during the judgment to help you come up with the outcome.  Doing these steps on your evaluation essay will help you write a well-written evaluation essay.

Relevant Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Evaluate what it is like to watch a sporting event alone and with your friends.  How does these differ and how are they the same?  This is a great experiment to try for your essay.
  • Evaluate the entire season of a sports team.  How did they perform for the beginning of the season till the end?
  • Evaluate a sport like competitive cheer leading.  You can compare the difference between cheering at a football game to competitive cheer leading.
  • Evaluate a movie based on true events.  How different is this movie compared to the real events or how it lacked in authenticity compared to the real events.
  • Evaluate a book that was made into a movie.  You can read the book and then watch the movie and evaluate which one was better.
  • Evaluate a restaurant.  You can touch on the atmosphere, menu and food, the service, price, and so on.  But make sure you pick one thing to focus on for your essay.  If you pick all of these it will be sloppy.
  • Evaluate pizza place or compare two pizza places.
  • Evaluate your new cell phone.  You can compare it to your old phone or to others on the market.  You can tell the reader the differences and why you choose to upgrade or downgrade.
  • Evaluate a your favorite social media site.  Tell the reader why it is your favorite and why it’s interesting to use.  You should include the advantages and disadvantages of the site and compare it to another one.

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