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Necessary techniques on how to write an analysis essay

Writing an analysis essay may seem like a stressful assignment, but it doesn’t need to be. By using some tried and true, proven techniques, anyone can write an analysis essay which results in a great grade. Here’s what to do:

  • Step One: Choose a general topic.
  • The first thing the student needs to do is choose a general subject on which to write his or her essay. At this point, the student isn’t trying to refine their topic, simply identify one which interests them or which they’d like to satisfy their curiosity about.

  • Step Two: Create a thesis statement.
  • Now that the student has a general topic in mind, it’s time to begin to refine that topic in order to create a thesis statement. In an analytical essay, the thesis statement will be the student’s main theme in the paper, and it will answer a question regarding the analysis of the topic under discussion. To begin to refine the topic to create a thesis statement, the student needs to consider what questions they have about it. Preliminary research can help with inspiration. If the topic of the essay is a particular text, for example, the student should read over it. If it’s another topic, they can do some basic reading on the topic and make a note of what questions come to mind. Then, they can phrase a hypothetical answer to that question in the form of a statement: this is the thesis statement.

  • Step Three: Research
  • Once the student has a thesis statement in mind, it’s time to research in earnest. This means finding sources that provide information that can support the student’s thesis statement, taking notes on those sources, and coming up with a few main supporting ideas.

  • Step Four: Outline
  • The next step is for the student to create an outline. The outline should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion; each body paragraph should align with one of the main supporting ideas the student found in their research.

  • Step Five: Write the essay.
  • Finally, the student is prepared to write. Using their outline as a guide along with their research notes, they should write the first draft of the essay. They should be certain to support each of their arguments with material from the sources which they’ve researched. After writing the first draft, it’s wise to go over it again to correct any spelling or grammar mistakes.

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